Easter is here

It is fine to eat chocolate in moderation it will not upset your skin.

Ensure that you maintain your skincare routine.

Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type morning and evening.

Follow with a moisturiser that has good SPF coverage (minimum 30+) during the day,  as the weather is still quite warm, and the UV index very rarely drops under 3. It is recommended to wear sunblock whenever the UV index is 3 or above. Combining your moisturiser and SPF helps to minimise the number of products you use and simplifies your routine.

Celebrate Clean-Up Australia Day 6th March

With Clean Up Australia on 6th March, why not use the opportunity to a clean-up of your skin care and make-up.  Products for our skin generally stay fresh for between 6 & 12 months from opening.  Many of us will have make-up, sunscreen and other skincare products that are getting old due to less use over the last couple of years because we worked from home and socialised less.  Take the time over the next week to throw out the products that haven’t been purchased and opened recently and refresh your cupboard and routine with some new products.

What affect has the pandemic had on your skin?

Dr See recently spoke to Lisa Ham from the Sydney Morning Hearld about the effects of the Covid pandemic on your skin.

Yes, the pandemic can affect your skin. Here’s how

All About Acne

As many of you would be aware Dr Jo-Ann See is the dermatologist to go to when you have a question about Acne, her expertise has been in high demand over the last few months. Here is a brief overview of what she has been up to .

  1. All About Acne ( a group of medically-trained skin experts from across Australia who have an interest in acne management), Dr See is a Co-Chair, launch Instagram and Twitter accounts
  2. Presented webinar to over 300 GP’s “Acne Treatment in the Age of Antibiotic Resistance”.
  3. Sole Australian participant in Global Acne advisory board on improving the patient experience with acne management.
  4. Invited to participate in Harvard Medical School – Isotretinoin Delphi Consensus study which is a think tank of global leaders in Acne to improve management of acne patients with oral isotretinoin.
  5. Invited editor for Acne edition of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology due for publication in 2022.
  6. Invited by Australasian College of Dermatology to chair and organise the Acne programme for 54th Scientific meeting of the College of Dermatology.




#worldskinday #helphelps

Dermatologists understand how challenging skin, hair and nail conditions can be, changing the way people live their lives. This World Skin Health Day, ACD is launching a new resource hub to encourage and empower Australians to reach out for help.

For support, visit ACD’s new resource hub

Skincare and wearing masks

Some tips from Dermatologists on a simple skin care routine while using face masks.

    • Use a gentle cleanser or micellar water in the morning and the evening.
    • Use a light or oil free moisturiser.
    • Avoid products with fragrance and use those with simple formulations.
    • Sun protection is vital, use your sunscreen as your moisturiser to minimise the number of products you are using.
    • Minimise the number of products you use as multiple product use may irritate the skin.

Use hand sanitiser before you put your mask on.

Make sure the mask snuggly, but is not too tight.

Don’t forget to wash your cloth mask daily and sun dry or iron it.

Essential specialist service continues

Central Sydney Dermatology continues to operate throughout the pandemic adjusting our appointment schedule and operations to meet current requirements.  This includes but is not limited to the following measures:

  • NSW COVID Safe check-in mandatory for all staff and patients.
  • Reduced number of appointments available to meet social distancing requirements.
  • Request that only the patient attend for appointments and only 1 carer to accompany where necessary.
  • Patients (and any accompanying persons) are requested to wear masks when in the practice.
  • Staff are required to wear masks at all times.  This includes administrative staff.
  • Consulting and treatment rooms, reception area including EFTPOS machines cleaned between patients.
  • Telehealth via phone or video is available, if necessary, for existing patients only.

We are unable to offer cosmetic appointments at present for the safety of staff and patients.

Any person who has an appointment and may have been in contact with positive COVID-19 persons are asked to call the practice and cancel their appointment.  We will rebook the appointment for a date when you are clear of any quarantine period.


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World Skin Health Day 2020

Central Sydney Dermatology is proud to acknowledge World Skin Day 2020!

This has been a challenging year for everyone and we would like to thank our patients who have been extremely patient in this current crisis.

We have offered telehealth services over the last few months to the elderly, those in remote areas, those in isolation/quarantine and even those overseas.

Our doors are open and we look forward to welcoming our patients back in person in a COVID safe practice.