As the weather cools down, we often see an increase in the number of patients presenting with eczema. And it’s all because of the long hot showers!


Patients with eczema generally have dry, sensitive skin. Common trigger factors are changes in the weather and season; irritants such as soap, detergents, water as well as perfumed products. Often patients also have allergies which also encompass predispositions to asthma and hayfever.


The basis of all successful eczema treatment is the avoidance of long showers, avoiding soap (using gentle soap free wash is ok) and being liberal with the use of moisturisers. Repair of the skin barrier is essential to good eczema control. Mainstays of treatment include the use of suitable anti-inflammatory topical steroids and steroid sparing creams. For more severe cases, oral medications which suppress the immune system may be suitable as well as phototherapy treatment. The latest treatments include injection treatments know as biologics.


Eczema treatments should be tailored to each patient’s condition and our Dermatologists are able to provide you with a suitable treatment plan.


Appointment availability

Extended wait times for appointments

Over the past few months, we have experienced an increased demand for our dermatology services.  During the next few months many of our Dermatologists are taking some over due annual leave and have been asked to present at international conferences. Both of these circumstances have led to an extended lead time in patients being able to obtain an appointment.  If you require an urgent appointment, we request that you speak to your General Practitioner who will be able to contact us and organise a suitably expedited appointment, which may not be with your regular Dermatologist.

Updated consulting and wait times

A/Prof Stephen Shumack is not seeing new patients at this time and wait time for an existing patient is currently November.  His appointments are Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. He will be away from the practice one week in July, most of September, and a few weeks in October.

Dr Jo-Ann See will be away one week in July, end of August thru to late September.  Due to cancellations you may be able to get a quick appointment with Dr See sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Dr See has not seen new patients for some years now, but may see someone on an urgent basis if the referral has been sent to the practice for her to review, she will then decide the best appointment for the condition.

Dr Terence Poon is currently only working on Friday’s  and will be away for 2 weeks in July.

Dr Penny Lee is here once every four weeks and does not work during school holidays. Her next available appointment is August.

Dr Sue Ng is here on Mondays, she will be away in July, her next available appointment is mid August.

Dr Philip Tong is here the first and third Thursdays of the month, his next available is early August.

Dr Erin Mullan is on maternity leave currently.  She is expected to return to rooms mid September, however we do not have a date at present.

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