Easter is here

It is fine to eat chocolate in moderation it will not upset your skin.

Ensure that you maintain your skincare routine.

Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type morning and evening.

Follow with a moisturiser that has good SPF coverage (minimum 30+) during the day,  as the weather is still quite warm, and the UV index very rarely drops under 3. It is recommended to wear sunblock whenever the UV index is 3 or above. Combining your moisturiser and SPF helps to minimise the number of products you use and simplifies your routine.

What affect has the pandemic had on your skin?

Dr See recently spoke to Lisa Ham from the Sydney Morning Hearld about the effects of the Covid pandemic on your skin.

Yes, the pandemic can affect your skin. Here’s how

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Dermatologists understand how challenging skin, hair and nail conditions can be, changing the way people live their lives. This World Skin Health Day, ACD is launching a new resource hub to encourage and empower Australians to reach out for help.

For support, visit ACD’s new resource hub