All About Acne

As many of you would be aware Dr Jo-Ann See is the dermatologist to go to when you have a question about Acne, her expertise has been in high demand over the last few months. Here is a brief overview of what she has been up to .

  1. All About Acne ( a group of medically-trained skin experts from across Australia who have an interest in acne management), Dr See is a Co-Chair, launch Instagram and Twitter accounts
  2. Presented webinar to over 300 GP’s “Acne Treatment in the Age of Antibiotic Resistance”.
  3. Sole Australian participant in Global Acne advisory board on improving the patient experience with acne management.
  4. Invited to participate in Harvard Medical School – Isotretinoin Delphi Consensus study which is a think tank of global leaders in Acne to improve management of acne patients with oral isotretinoin.
  5. Invited editor for Acne edition of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology due for publication in 2022.
  6. Invited by Australasian College of Dermatology to chair and organise the Acne programme for 54th Scientific meeting of the College of Dermatology.